Reasons Gay Couples Should Travel To Asia
Mar 18, 2023 By Sean William

Are you a gay couple looking to embark on your next vacation? Consider heading to Asia! With its captivating culture, vibrant flavors, and evolving LGBT+ scene, numerous countries in Asia make an ideal destination for couples.

From exploring the bustling night markets of Seoul to admiring the intricately carved ancient temples of Java, there are endless opportunities for adventure.

Plus, many Asian nations treat homosexual couples with far more respect than other parts of the world. Read on why a trip to Asia could be what you're looking for!

Top Reasons of Gay Couples

There are some very gay places in Asia.

Traveling to Asia is a fantastic way for gay couples to explore diverse and vibrant cultures. Many countries in this part of the world, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and South Korea, are very inclusive and welcoming towards LGBT+ rights and sexual orientation.

The nightlife in many cities in Asia is an especially great attraction for gay couples. For example, Bangkok is known for its vibrant and colorful nightlife with many LGBT+-friendly bars and clubs. Seoul has also emerged as a top destination for gay couples due to its large number of establishments that care specifically about the LGBT+ community.

If you are looking for something more laid back, there are also plenty of options! The tranquil beaches of Bali or Phuket are perfect for couples who want to relax and unwind. For a truly unique cultural experience, explore the ancient temples of Java or take a trip to Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.

There are a lot of gay-friendly romantic experiences in Asia

For example, in Japan, many traditional onsens (hot springs) resorts offer private baths to couples. In Vietnam, you can cruise romanticly through the gorgeous Halong Bay or enjoy a delicious dinner at one of Hanoi’s rooftop restaurants.

The list goes on and on! With its diverse cultures, stunning scenery, and welcoming attitude towards different sexual orientations, Asia is a great destination for gay couples to explore. Whether you are looking for an adventurous trip or a romantic getaway, there are countless opportunities in this beautiful part of the world. So grab your bags and book your tickets - Asia awaits!

With its unique culture, vibrant nightlife, and welcoming attitude towards different sexual orientations, Asia is a great destination for gay couples to explore. From the ancient temples of Java to the tranquil beaches of Bali or Phuket, there are plenty of exciting and romantic experiences for you to enjoy. So if you are looking for an adventure-filled holiday or a romantic getaway, pack your bags and book those tickets – Asia awaits!

Asia is waking up to gay unions and a pink ceremony.

From the romantic shores of Bali to the bustling cityscapes of southern China, gay-friendly places in Asia offer couples a safe and exciting holiday. For example, Japan is becoming an increasingly popular destination for LGBT+ weddings, with many picturesque settings, professional wedding planners, and vendors catering to same-sex ceremonies.

Similarly, Thailand is becoming more and more welcoming to the LGBT+ community and even has a dedicated marriage registry for same-sex couples.

Don't be offended by the anti-gay laws

While many Asian countries still have laws criminalizing homosexuality, the reality is that these are rarely enforced. On the contrary, many of these countries offer a surprisingly LGBT+-friendly environment for visitors. From Vietnam and Cambodia to South Korea and Taiwan, many gay-friendly places in Asia make for an amazing holiday destination.

So don't let the anti-gay laws put you off - explore Asia's diverse cultures, vibrant nightlife, and amazing attractions!

Whether you're looking for an adventurous experience or a romantic getaway, Asia offers something for every couple. Make your next holiday one to remember to book those tickets and explore this beautiful part of the world!

Supporting and inspiring the local LGBT community

The LGBT+ community has always struggled for acceptance and understanding, but the reality is that there are still many countries in Asia where it remains an incredibly taboo subject. Despite this, there are dedicated organizations across the region that provide invaluable resources and support to those who identify as LGBT+.

One of the best ways to show your support when visiting Asia is to seek out these organizations and find ways to get involved. From providing donations to attending workshops and events, there are plenty of opportunities for travelers to lend their support. Additionally, attending a pride parade or festival is a great way to show solidarity with the LGBT+ community in any country you visit.

Another great way to show your support for the LGBT+ community in Asia is to shop locally. From art galleries and cafes to clothing stores and jewelry makers, numerous entrepreneurs identify as LGBT+ across the region. Shopping at these businesses helps promote local talent and shows that you are an ally of their cause.


How can I support the LGBT+ community in Asia?

There are various ways to support the LGBT+ community when visiting Asia. From seeking out organizations and attending events such as pride parades to shopping at local businesses run by queer individuals, there are plenty of opportunities to show solidarity with the cause.

Additionally, donating to or volunteering with LGBT+ organizations is a great way to make an impact.

What kind of activities can gay couples do in Asia?

With its diverse and stunning landscapes, Asia is a great destination for outdoor adventurers. From trekking through the lush forests of Borneo to snorkeling the crystalline waters off the coast of Thailand, you'll surely find plenty of exciting activities you can enjoy together.

You can also explore the vibrant cities, discover traditional cultures, or relax on some of Asia's many exquisite beaches. Whatever your interests, there's sure to be something for everyone in this incredible part of the world!

What are the best places to stay in Asia?

It all depends on what kind of experience you're looking for. Suppose you want to be close to the action and explore the city's stable accommodation. Asia has several homestays in stunning natural surroundings for those who prefer a more rural setting. Whether it's an urban retreat or a countryside getaway, you'll surely find the perfect place to stay!


Asia is an incredible destination for gay couples looking to explore, relax, and experience a different culture. With its diverse range of attractions, vibrant cities, and welcoming atmosphere, Asia is truly a unique place that will provide you with fantastic memories to cherish forever!